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NeoDic is a free program which helps to cope with translation of unfamiliar words and word-combinations By simple prompting of a mouse pointer on the pledged word – contextual translation.

Contextual translation – allows by simple prompting of a mouse pointer on an unfamiliar word or a word-combination, instantly To get its transfer. The given type of translation is very convenient at reading of pages the Internet, reading of help system, dialogue in a chat, To text imposition.

In addition NeoDic possesses following features:

  • Ability to detect translate language and automatically change dictionary;
  • Allows to use dictionaries in sdict and text formats and all languages;
  • Possesses a considerable quantity of options which give the chance to customise the application for all tastes:
    • possibility to assign « hot keys» for comfortable handle of the program;
    • to change event at click by the left and right mouse button on an icon in the field of notices;
    • to change delay before hint appearance;
    • to change appearance of the hint;
    • to change the hint form;
    • to show the hint only at deduction of the set key;
    • to change layout of the hint about the cursor, as it to conveniently user;
    • to change customisations of a window for dictionary review and as to change the common options NeoDic;
  • Possesses high-grade help system;
  • Stably works under control of Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003/Windows Vista/Windows 7;
  • Occupies a small memory size;
  • Possesses the multilanguage interface.
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