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VieWIns – the application which will allow the programmer fast and conveniently to extract the helpful information about the window. Among functions VieWIns is as possibility of a windows management. And so, possibilities VieWIns:

  • Displays the following information on a window:
    • On a tab Interface:
      • a window text (with possibility of editing);
      • the window size (with possibility of editing);
      • a window position (with possibility of editing);
      • the size of client area;
      • the extended and simple styles of a window (with possibility of editing);
    • On a tab Inside:
      • a window handle;
      • the address of window function;
      • the thread identifier;
      • the process identifier;
      • data GWL_USERDATA (with possibility of editing);
      • extra data of a given windows;
      • the size of an extra data;
      • colour under the cursor;
      • the window`s subclass fact - whether there was a window was subclassed (unique possibility VieWIns which is absent for similar programs);
    • On a tab Class:
      • extra data of the class;
      • the size of the extra data;
      • the size екстра the data;
      • styles of a class of a window;
  • To control the window selected at present:
    • collapse;
    • close;
    • hide;
    • place as a top most window;
  • Support the multilanguage interface;
  • Occupies a small memory size.

What difference VieWIns from similar programs?

VieWIns unique possibilities which are not present for similar applications are inherent:

  • Whether possibility to define is window subclassed;
  • Without mouse button deduction to scan all windows (for example, only VieWIns allows to view the information about a menu window);
  • Allows to control styles of a window;
  • Occupies a small memory size.

Than it is useful VieWIns for not to the programmers?

Well, it will be natural VieWIns it is useful to the user for the purpose of handle of a window more. For example, it is not provided for the application to set window as topmost but very often it need. This problem by means of VieWIns it is possible to decide instantly – to select a window (to guide at it a mouse pointer and to press « hot key» for start/stop scanning) and then it is necessary to press simply panels VieWIns the button « Topmost ». Does not like a « Start» button name? - You can simply to rename it for example to « My» with VieWIns.

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