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NeoDic screenshot NeoDic the dictionary application with contextual translation. Contextual translation allows by simple get word translation - move mouse cursor on the word and get prompt with word translate. It translation type is very convenient to use during some text reading, speak the chat, etc. Contextual translation works in any application! So, for example, it is convenient to use NeoDic in Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Word, Excel, ICQ. Next »


VieWIns screenshot VieWIns allows to display and edit the text, the size, a window position, the size of the client area, the extended and simple styles of a window and a handle, the address of window function, the thread identifier, the process identifier, data of GWL_USERDATA, extra data, colour under the cursor, the window`s subclass fact - whether there was a window was subclassed (unique possibility VieWIns feature), etc. It allows to control a window. Next »
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