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Version History

v1.0.1 (10.12.08)

  • Possibility of scaling of a window of the dictionary and a window of options for comfortable usage NeoDic;
  • The error is corrected - at installation of the new version over old customisations now are saved;
  • Design of a window of «Gratitude» (Thanks to peoples) is changed;
  • The error in an option «Show message «The ... word not found in a dictionary»» - now works;
  • The error with congestion of the processor is corrected at option usage Show Tool Tip only if pressed...;
  • Some other errors are corrected.

v1.1 (09.02.09)

  • There was a possibility to use many of dictionaries in other formats, in particular formats sdict and dic;
  • Directly from NeoDic it is possible to carry out navigation on a resource in the Internet where dictionaries are allocated;
  • There was a function of review of the information on the dictionary;
  • Now at the subsequent start NeoDic remembers and automatically activates earlier selected dictionary;
  • The error because of which parametres NeoDic were not saved on Windows end is corrected;
  • The error which did not allow to start NeoDic in Windows 2000 is corrected;
  • The error because of which contextual translation did not work in Windows Server 2003 is eliminated;
  • After switch on of contextual translation on «hotkey» if the cursor over a word, the prompt appears instantly, it is not necessary to displace a mouse pointer.

v1.2 (01.04.09)

  • There was a feature of translation of English words taking into account the terminations, for example, now it is possible to translate words in plural;
  • NeoDic`s window for the dictionary allows to display now formatted articles if formatting is supported by the selected dictionary;
  • Has appeared feature to select and customise any font for the hint. This feature allows to troubleshoot with support by transcription fonts in NeoDic, for example for Windows 2000;
  • The separator (splitter) control in a dictionary window that allows to conveniently change the size of the window displaying a translation of words is added. This function is important, as for the big dictionaries with the big articles;
  • The name of dictionaries of a QDictionary-format now is correctly displayed, besides the additional information on this dictionary is accessible;
  • In a window about the program the reference to page NeoDic is added;
  • The error because of which there was inactive NeoDic main window, at closing of other windows NeoDic is corrected;
  • The message that already NeoDic is started now has informational character (not so aggressively);
  • The message on that that already NeoDic is started arises in that language which is selected for the user in NeoDic;
  • At restoring of a window of the dictionary, after its turning in the tray the word in a dictionary window is selected. It is realised for convenience of instant input the word after window restoring;
  • Now context translation and a word lookup function in a dictionary window is a case-sensitive - if the word has not been found in the original case, word search in the lowercase. Such function does convenient word search.

v1.3 (12.10.09)

  • Corrected error which been cut translation in the dictionary window if translation contain more than one word;
  • In the list of the possible doings of click/double click on the notify area added new variant “To do nothing”;
  • Added feature Do not translate if word contain only digit;
  • Corrected link to the NeoDic page;
  • Corrected email of the NeoDic;
  • Added feature which allow scroll dictionary content with mouse scroll button;
  • Added Ukrainian language to the installation package;
  • Some other errors are corrected.

v1.4 (13.01.10)

  • Added new UI languages: Norwegian, Polish, Belarusian;
  • Language file limit row up to 2048 characters now;
  • Handles leak error was been corrected;
  • Some other errors are corrected.

v1.5 (13.06.10)

  • Now dictionary can detect automatically;
  • Fixed problem with controls incorrect update when dictionary changed in NeoDic main window;
  • New more comfortable default options defined: disabled notification message in tray when NeoDic started, hotkeys added, corrected mouse actions on tray icon;
  • Some other errors are corrected.

v1.6 (04.12.11)

  • License Agreement in English version added;
  • ToolTip in rectangle view mode fixed;
  • Disabled options (“Translate selected word” and “Show Tool Tip after a double click”) killed;
  • Fixed bug with NeoDic start without dictionaries.
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